The campaign to beat the pandemic

Zero Covid is the campaign to beat the pandemic. We call for the UK to switch strategy and aim to eliminate the virus. About us »

  • Take action: Remind Steve Barclay that we haven’t “dealt with” Covid
    CLICK HERE: We have made a tool to email Steve Barclay and remind him that we have not “dealt with” Covid, the pandemic is still very much around us, and if he doesn’t want to share the outgoing PM’s legacy of catastrophic pandemic mismanagement and hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of long Covid […]

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Upcoming Events

The pandemic is not over

An image of a lot of Zero Covid stickers with the slogans "Zero Covid Now, time to reclaim our lives" and "Zero Covid Now, eliminate the virus"

Zero Covid stickers now available!

Get a set of these stickers to put up in your local area! Donate £5 or more for a set of 10 Zero Covid stickers.

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