International Zero Covid Day of Action

Dear friends, colleagues, activists, political groups and other concerned citizens, 2,75 million people have so far died from Covid-19. In many countries a third wave of the pandemic is rolling, incidences are rising, driven by more contagious and more dangerous ... Read more

Zero Covid: An international movement

An online meeting to exchange experiences and ideas with activists from different countries on how to push for Zero Covid, and for health solidarity across borders. Featuring speakers from Brazil, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, England and Scotland Saturday 24 April, ... Read more

Campaign Call: Solidarity with India


On Monday 10 May at 6pm there will be an open campaign call about the dire Covid situation in India and what we can do in solidarity here in Britain. Speakers from South Asia Solidarity and Zero Covid Campaign. Register ... Read more

Adding Zero Covid events to your calendar:

In your Google Calendar, go to “other calendars”, click the + sign to “add other calendars”, choose “subscribe to calendar” and enter as the calendar

If you use Outlook you need the ics address

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