The Scottish Government and Long Covid

Nicola Sturgeon giving a press conference. On the rostrum is the slogan 'Stay home'.

The Scottish Government is neither preventing nor funding treatment for Long Covid. This has to change! At the time of writing this briefing, Scotland has the highest rate of Covid-19 infections in Europe, [1] yet no additional restrictions nor mitigation measures … Read more

A Pandemic of Privatisation

Never let a crisis go to waste. NHS privatisation has been on fast-forward since the Covid-19 pandemic began last March. NHS spending on private services doubled between 2010 and 2019. Since then, the Tories have handed out crony-capitalist contracts to … Read more

Zero Covid Scotland update

Hearing the sounds of football celebration on Friday night, and the rumble of the tourist wheeled luggage in the street this morning, perhaps tells us that the Scottish Government is wanting to “move on” from the pandemic. But what is … Read more

Zero Covid stickers

An image of a lot of Zero Covid stickers with the slogans "Zero Covid Now, time to reclaim our lives" and "Zero Covid Now, eliminate the virus"

Get a set of these stickers to put up in your local area! Donate £5 or more for a set of 10 Zero Covid stickers. The UK has seen one of the highest death rates in the world because the … Read more

Updated Zero Covid Scotland pledge

In response to a rapidly developing situation, the Zero Covid Scotland pledge – originally published in March 2021 – has been redrafted as a set of actions that support of a virus elimination strategy in Scotland. It has been formulated … Read more

The masque of Covid

The pandemic confirms that capitalism is a clear and present danger to human existence. Prince Prospero retreats inside his Gothic palace and leaves the pestilence to rage beyond its walls in Edgar Allan Poe’s 1842 short story The Masque of … Read more

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