Coronavirus: Global Collective Commons vs Big Pharma

Part 3 of Collective Commons, Debts and Pharmaceutical companies’ Patents Research and production of vaccines were largely financed by public money The development and production of anti-Covid vaccines were extensively financed by public money The development and production of anti-Covid … Read more

Drop the patents – vaccinate the world

The world is facing devastating vaccine apartheid. High income countries like the UK have ordered more than 3 times the amount of doses they’ve needed, whilst only 3 per cent of people are double vaccinated in Africa and 0.5% double … Read more

The masque of Covid

The pandemic confirms that capitalism is a clear and present danger to human existence. Prince Prospero retreats inside his Gothic palace and leaves the pestilence to rage beyond its walls in Edgar Allan Poe’s 1842 short story The Masque of … Read more

Campaign Call: Solidarity with India

An image publicising an event "Campaign Call: Solidarity with India" on 10 May at 6pm

On Monday 10 May at 6pm there will be an open campaign call about the dire Covid situation in India and what we can do in solidarity here in Britain. Speakers from South Asia Solidarity and Zero Covid Campaign. Register … Read more

Zero Covid: An international movement

A image publicising an event "Zero Covid: an international movement" on Saturday April 24 2021

An online meeting to exchange experiences and ideas with activists from different countries on how to push for Zero Covid, and for health solidarity across borders. Featuring speakers from Brazil, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, England and Scotland Saturday 24 April, … Read more

None of us are safe until we are all safe

When, late on a winter’s Friday afternoon, I received a text inviting me to book an appointment for a Covid vaccination I was taken aback by the intensity of my feeling of relief. It was as though a weight had … Read more

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