Vaccine passports in Scotland

On Thursday 9th September the Scottish Parliament voted to introduce vaccine passports from 1st October. The Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, had been critical of vaccine passports when the proposals for England were unveiled by Boris Johnson, as had Health … Read more

The Real Covid – Let the People Speak

An image reading 'Zero Covid Scotland' with a Saltire flag superimposed

Last week  heard Rishi Sunak tell us “We can’t control the spread of the virus”. Here are three, of many, organisations that don’t agree with that.  Three, of many, voices worth hearing. On 1st August, Long Covid Kids, generated Freedom … Read more

Zero Covid Scotland update

Hearing the sounds of football celebration on Friday night, and the rumble of the tourist wheeled luggage in the street this morning, perhaps tells us that the Scottish Government is wanting to “move on” from the pandemic. But what is … Read more

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