Zero Covid stickers

An image of a lot of Zero Covid stickers with the slogans "Zero Covid Now, time to reclaim our lives" and "Zero Covid Now, eliminate the virus"

Get a set of these stickers to put up in your local area! Donate £5 or more for a set of 10 Zero Covid stickers. The UK has seen one of the highest death rates in the world because the … Read more

Statement on 12 April easing of restrictions

An image with the Zero Covid logo and slogan 'The campaign to beat the pandemic'

On 12 April we will reach another stage on the UK Government’s ‘roadmap’. Non-essential shops will open, pubs and restaurants will be able to serve food outdoors, and some other restrictions will be lifted. Zero Covid, the campaign to end … Read more

Statement on the NHS pay rise

A demonstration for a pay rise for NHS staff, July 2020

The recommendation by the Department of Health that a 1% pay rise for NHS staff is the most the country can afford is an outrageous slap in the face to those who have worked tirelessly for the past year to … Read more

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