The destruction and grabbing of collective commons

Since the dawn of capitalism the logic of collective commons has been systematically challenged by the capitalist class through commodification and private appropriation of wealth. One of their earliest objectives, when factories started to appear in Europe just over several … Read more

The Covid-19 Pandemic Isn’t Over Yet

Reckless? The polite description of a strategy which is currently averaging over 1,000 deaths a week, over 7,000 hospitalisations, and the highest number of Covid-19 infections in Europe with over 35,000 daily cases. Murderous is my non-polite description. A return … Read more

Covid Pandemic Emergency

The rate of COVID deaths today is greater in the United Kingdom than it is in the 27 countries of the EU, writes Fred LePlat. The major reason for this difference is that there are more protections in place such as … Read more

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