NHS 73rd anniversary 3 July 2021

Zero Covid leaflet for the NHS 73rd anniversary (two A5 pages) 

Zero Covid leaflet for the NHS 73rd anniversary (single A4 page) 

Zero Covid leaflet for the NHS 73rd anniversary (two sided A4, makes two A5 leaflets) 

Affiliation to Zero Covid

Model motion for trade union branches and other organisations

Letter to request an organisation to affiliate.

Affiliation form for trade union branches and other organisations

Zero Covid local groups

Graphics for the 5 December Day of Action

Guide to starting a local group

A guide to submitting photo and video reports for the 13 March Day of Action

Other resources

A selection of window posters for displaying support for Zero Covid

BME London leaflet addressing concerns about the vaccines

Slides from Janet Newsham of the Hazards Campaign’s presentation at the 1/3/2021 Resisting Unsafe Work event 

Covid-19 return to work guide for recovering workers, produced by the Society of Occupational Medicine

Covid-19 survival guide produced by Greater Manchester Law Centre, covering:

  • Links to vaccination information in 31 languages
  • Evictions and who is currently at risk, plus key dates when protection against eviction ends
  • Template letter for asking your landlord for reductions in rent
  • Discretionary Housing Payments & crisis grants available from councils;
  • FAQs about the furlough scheme
  • Claiming grants as a self-employed person
  • Claiming benefits including Universal Credit
  • Where to go for debt advice and support

India Crisis:

Motion for Labour Party 2021 Women’s Conference

NEW! Z-fold leaflet with arguments for an elimination strategy, produced by the Zero Covid Science & Health team


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